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  • Bird Lives! (9 Theory Remix) - 2018


    A Tribute to bebop pioneer Charlie “Bird” Parker featuring alto saxophone treasure Charles McPherson words & music by Chuck Perrin painting by John DeMarco

  • Longing for the lost bohemia - 2011


    I rarely get the opportunity to perform my own music live anymore. Hosting dizzy’s events keeps my nights busy, but doesn’t stop me from playing guitar & writing music during the day. Every once in a while, I take the opportunity to pull together some of my favorite players & present the music I’m hearing… [ read more ]

  • Bring It Here - 2009


    Haven’t we all had our fill of double talk, agendas, and innuendos?    Tripp Sprague states the message clearly with his amped tenor solo. And do you think Cliff Almond means it when he hits that snare?