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The Yearn lyrics

It’s an asshole world what can I take to blot it out morphine me please fireball my brain soak me in the green anarchistic glow of obscurity it’s an asshole world is there some way to shut it out spin me down the trapdoor of time just let me drift secluded in the thick oozy fluid of life I will kick my legs every now and then and wave my arms slowly in the air I will act like I don’t care even though I do.
That’s my blood dripping on the ground what are you lookin at this should not be happening that’s my blood warm liquid on my skin I am not ready to leave this world it’s way too soon I’ve still got things to do I’m starting to feel a little dizzy right now blood’s filling up my shoe that’s my blood puddled on the ground does it really end like this is this some kind of joke?
When the world is ours and the old ones are gone with their greed and their schemes and their know-it-all smirks when they are gone we will undo their twisted knots and scrape off all the crap they left behind then we will make the world we want the world of the future we will do it right together as equals waving our hands in the air livin the life our life when the world is finally ours livin the life our life.
Stars wail blue across the Southern sky and I am on the prowl foot fall light waiting for dawn longing to see you again nothing makes sense right now I need to see … [ continue reading ]