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  • Too Much to Ask (9 Theory Remix) - 2017


  • Highway To Hell (9 Theory Remix) - 2017


    Another great re-imagination by 9 Theory – this one from 1995’s Beat.itude album. The original track was a hard-hitting jazz-driven comment on modern life’s fast lane. The EDM remix is equally compelling, featuring cinematic sonics popular right now – 22 years later.

  • I love the earth - 2017


    I love the earth. Give me a big hug, you gorgeous hunk of matter. I love your mountains stretching up to scrape the clouds, and your surreal deserts simmering on tectonic plates of sand. I love your ample oceans caressing countless shores in constant give-and-take to make sure everything throbs and breathes. I love your… [ read more ]