the yearn

almost every day
another barrier gets stripped away
fresh pathways open
we chase them
following wide-eyed
hopelessly lonely
yearning for connection

. . . . . .

It’s an asshole world
Larry Mitchell guitar/bass/drums/sound design, Dave Curtis bass, Richard Sellers drums
Larry Mitchell guitar/sound design, Yvette Graham Williams gospel vocals, Misha Piatigorsky string arrangement, Bertram Turetzky conductor, violins Alyze Dreiling-Hammer & Victoria Bietz, Francesca Savage viola, Lorie Kirkell cello
Living the life
Arthur Fisher flute, Dave Curtis bass, Richard Sellers drums
Rob Whitlock B3/Rhodes/accordion, Dave Curtis bass, Richard Sellers drums
Hiding in plain sight
Larry Mitchell guitar/sound design, Steph Johnson vocals
Wasting time
Dave Curtis bass, Richard Sellers drums, Hank Easton guitar
Arthur Fisher flute, Bob Magnusson bass, Patrick Armenta bongos
Still shaking my head
Dennis Caplinger banjo, Duncan Moore drums, Troy Jennings baritone saxophone
Sorrow comes
Bob Magnusson bass, Irina Chirkova cello, setting composed by Misha Piatigorsky
Mister blue
Bob Magnusson bass, Arthur Fisher flute, Patrick Armenta bongos
Larry Mitchell guitar/sound design, Steve Ebner trumpet

Chuck Perrin vocals/acoustic guitar/sound design

mixing & mastering by Peter Carpentier @ eWave Studios


The Yearn LYRICS