riding out the hurricane - apr 5th, 2018

Every time I think about all the people I have known
wandering this weary planet trying to find the way back home
some of them are gone now blowin’ in the winds of change
but the rest of us still hang around riding out the hurricane

At twenty-two I barely knew the first thing about living life
trying to find a secret passage looking for the way inside
the world went on without me while I learned from my mistakes
how to work and grind it out riding out the hurricane

the winds were kickin’ up mad and swirling
sometimes the sky can be cruel
but I don’t think that I would have made it
if I hadn’t found you

The first time that I saw your face I knew that I had found a friend
someone who knew how it felt to stay awake until the end
we have shared some good times and we have shared some pain
but we have never given up riding out the hurricane

Another day on planet earth one more chance to get it right
to spin the wheel of consciousness and do your best to stay alive
life is what you make it wear out every day
and don’t forget the style points while you’re
riding out the hurricane